This is the game played most often as part of Doug Loves Movies, and also often played against audience members after Doug Benson's stand-up shows.


Disclaimer - this game is hard to explain and this explanation is a work in progress.

This game is like Name That Tune, but for movies and actors, rather than songs and notes.

Doug will give a guest a selection of three categories from which to choose. Once the guests selects a category they may get the opportunity to select a year, but only if there are multiple movies in that category that have not been selected in previous games.

Doug will then read a selection from Leonard Maltin's review of that movie, and announce how many actors Leonard lists.

The guest who chose the category will bid first. A bid is how many names, reading from the last-billed to the top-billed the guest will need to correctly name that movie. The next guest will then have an opportunity to underbid the previous guest, or challenge the previous guest to Name that Movie.

If a guest believes they know the movie, they may bid zero or negative names. If a guest bids negative names, they must name the title of the movie and the top-billed actors in the order that they appear according to Leonard.

When making a guess, the guest must name the full title of the movie. For example, it is National Lampoon's Animal House, not Animal House. And it is Speed 2: Cruise Control, not simply Speed 2.

If all the guests are tied, and one point short of victory, Doug will make the final category the Asparagus P category. In this case, Doug will read the full review for a movie, and guests must compete to see how many negative names they believe they can correctly guess.

Shows in Which This Game Was PlayedEdit

February 26, 2014

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